Hi I'm Kate~!
21. New York. Artist. Singer.
Loves: Asian culture, fashion, simple gestures, seeing rare innocent relationships, quotes, writing, art, music, cute things, funny things, KPOP!<333...and much more!
Just another person trying to survive this world day by day :)
Message or ask me something any time!
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what a day!!!!!!!! nothing happened and i was tired

whimsicallyvogue whispered : ‎A - Available? E-Easiest person to talk to? R - Reason to smile? I - Icecream flavour? K - Killed someone? A - Available?

Easiest person to talk to - Said my dad so, one of my best friends, Erika<3
Reason to smile - When I’m home alone singing along as loudly as                                             possible and dancing to the songs I love~ 
Ice cream flavor - French Vanilla/Cookies&Cream (Love them both equally)
Killed someone - If video games count…then yes…many. MWAH HA HA!
Available - Forever alone status lol

yeolnicorns whispered : M, E, G ^^

Milkshake flavor - I love the classic chocolate milkshake. Mm~^^
Easiest person to talk to - Hm, I can talk about almost anything to my dad.
Grade I hated - 5th Grade. One word…Puberty -_- lol