Hi I'm Kate~!
21. New York. Artist. Singer.
Loves: Asian culture, fashion, simple gestures, seeing rare innocent relationships, quotes, writing, art, music, cute things, funny things, KPOP!<333...and much more!
Just another person trying to survive this world day by day :)
Message or ask me something any time!
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We were watching a food show where a woman goes around New York to try different foods from restaurants unknown. She then says I should do it for Korean food, but then said, "You could do it for different countries like France, Italy, Korea, Japan. You can travel and vlog about locations tourists wouldn’t know about." Well now….this is a new side to her that I didn’t expect. 

during music shows i always feel bad for whoever has to perform after shinee… and before shinee….. and anyone else during the entire show

(Source: rapmonsters)